What is Sublimation Print and what are the benefits?

T-Shirts printed using the Sublimation Technology

Sublimation printing is a way of making colorful pictures on clothes, mugs, and other things. It works like this:

  • You draw a picture on a special paper with special ink.
  • You put the paper on top of the thing you want to print on, like a T-shirt.
  • You use a machine that makes the paper very hot and presses it hard on the T-shirt.
  • The ink on the paper turns into gas and goes into the T-shirt.
  • The paper comes off and the picture stays on the T-shirt.

The benefits of sublimation printing are:

  • The picture is very bright and clear, like a photograph.
  • The picture does not fade, crack, or peel, even if you wash it many times.
  • You can print any design you want, even if it has many colors or details.

The difference between sublimation and heat transfer printing is:

  • Sublimation printing uses special ink that turns into gas when heated and bonds with the fabric or material. Heat transfer printing uses regular ink that sticks to the surface of the fabric or material when heated and pressed.
  • Sublimation printing gives brighter, clearer, and longer-lasting images than heat transfer printing. Heat transfer printing can fade, crack, or peel over time.
  • Sublimation printing can only be done on white or light-colored materials that contain polyester or have a poly-coating. Heat transfer printing can be done on any color of fabric and different types of materials.
  • Sublimation printing requires a special printer, ink, and paper, as well as a heat press. Heat transfer printing can be done with any regular printer, ink, and paper, as well as an iron.