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Charka Mix with Howlite and Black Mutilated Quartz Beads with charm Bracelet

Charka Mix with Howlite and Black Mutilated Quartz Beads with charm Bracelet

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Elevate your energy with our Charka Mix bracelet. Featuring Howlite and Black Mutilated Quartz beads, this bracelet is carefully crafted to balance and align your chakras for a deeper sense of well-being. Experience the benefits of increased harmony, clarity, and inner peace. Enhance your style and spiritual journey with this must-have accessory.

Chakra beads

  1. Turquoise:

    • Turquoise is often associated with the throat chakra, aiding in communication and self-expression.
    • It's believed to promote inner peace, calmness, and balance.
    • This stone is also thought to enhance creativity and intuition.
    • Some people use turquoise for its purported healing properties, particularly for respiratory and immune system issues.
  2. Red:

    • Red chakra beads are typically linked to the root chakra, which governs feelings of stability, security, and survival instincts.
    • Wearing or using red chakra beads may help ground you, increase vitality, and promote a sense of safety and security.
    • Red is often associated with physical energy, passion, and courage.
    • It's believed to stimulate circulation and boost overall physical health.
  3. Purple:

    • Purple chakra beads are commonly associated with the crown chakra, which is connected to spiritual awareness, higher consciousness, and enlightenment.
    • Using purple beads may aid in meditation, spiritual growth, and connecting with higher realms of consciousness.
    • Purple is also associated with wisdom, intuition, and inner peace.
    • Some believe that wearing or using purple stones can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

Bracelet Specifications:

Charka Beads Size: 10mm

Black Mutilated Quartz Beads Size: 10mm

Howlite: 8 mm

Cord Type: Stretch  

Round Charm with words written: "Live your dream"

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