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African Pride Collection

Venda Silver Aluminium bangles - Makunda/Vhukunda

Venda Silver Aluminium bangles - Makunda/Vhukunda

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Venda Silver Aluminium bangles - Makunda/Vhukunda are original and handmade. The bangles are a symbol of love, as they were originally given by men to their fiancées as an engagement gift. They are also a sign of status, wealth, and beauty, as the more bangles a woman wears, the more respected she is.

The bangles are worn with the Venda traditional attire called minwenda. The minwenda are made from brightly coloured fabric with stripes and decorated with embroidery. The bangles complement the minwenda by adding a touch of elegance and sparkle. These bangles are not only beautiful but also durable and hypoallergenic, as they are made from high-quality aluminium.

They are available in two different sizes and can be stacked to create a stunning effect.  They are sold in a stack of 10.   Please take note that, although they are flexible, they do not stretch. 

These bangles are a perfect way to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of the African people.

Approximate Sizes of the Circumference of the Bangles: 
Small +/- 20.5 cm
Large +/- 22 cm

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